What are the Goals?

1.   Get your business listed in our business directories.

2.  Get your business vanity phone number ringing more.

3.  Get your business visibility higher on the internet.

4.  Keep your business happy in the long term.

5. Help your business get more reviews through our review platform.

What are the Brandable Number Features?

You will be provided a login to manage and see the results of your program.

1.   We will add google analytics so you can see real time results.

2.   You will have a management portal to be able to update your marketing

3.   We setup Keywords that are relevant for your business and optimize them.

4.   Tool to add social media widgets to the marketing site.

5.   You can add videos to your marketing site.

6.   We add your marketing site and main site to 14 Business Directories.

7.    Blurb Manager for adding blurbs that help optimize your marketing site.

8.    Keyword Tool to help optimize your Marketing site and live updates.

9.    Article Manager for adding and updating articles to improve visibility.

10. Template Manager to update color and look of Marketing Website.

11.   Mobile Phone Friendly and Optimize for speed.

12.  Each Marketing site has SSL https:// on all pages for Google Optimization.

13.  We provide an APP to allow you to text on your Vanity Toll Free Number.

14. Your customers and agents can add business reviews easily.

15.  Many More Features ……

Control Panel Screen Shot Below:

Custom Texting App to engage your customers on your Toll Free Number.